LivingMon, 30 Jun 2008 23:16h· by: carpeberlin



In the small “Pavillon” on the corner of Gärtnerstrasse with Grünberger Strasse, just by Boxi, families and punks sit side by side.

The street Simon-Dach-Strasse is where it is all happening. Although the bars are rather stereotyped and not particularly original, at night we can find “Stereo 33”, a lounge bar with cheap cocktails and current electronic music. In “Dachkammer“, just on the corner of Wühlischstrasse, you will find similar atmosphere. And next to it, “Paules Metal Eck”, where it is not hard to guess the music played.

The charm of this street derives not so much from the originality of the establishments, but from the wide surrounding pavements, the old cobble-stone streets, and the terraces with benches for two or three people to sit on and chat whilst they enjoy a latte macchiato or a cold beer.

A few metres further down, on 4, Gärtnerstrasse, we will find the curious and well decorated Café “Kaufbar” (shopping café). At first sight it seems like a café but with an air of furniture shop, and in fact, you can find almost everything with regards to furniture. That is, you can have a cappuccino and buy the sofa you’re sitting on, and if the price is not already on the furniture, just ask the waitress.

In Ostkreuz, the bar “Zebrano” on Sonntagstrasse 8, guarantees good music, the owner of which just happens to be the same owner of “Rosi's”, one of the most interesting clubs in Friedrichshain. Despite the reputation of the area Samariter-Kiez, on the other side of Frankfurter Allee, it must be said that this neighbourhood lacks original places. Rigaer Street however, still relies on its old reputation of squatting neighbourhood with its respective squatters’ bars.

The “Weinsalon“ (wine saloon) on Schreinerstrasse 59, is the perfect place to stay until dawn in the style of the old bohemians. The coherence of its concept and the atmosphere convince us straight away as it remains faithful to the neighbourhood fashion. But of course, we cannot forget to mention Sanatorium 23, on Frankfurter Allee. Inside what could be an enormous window, this place presents a delicate, minimalist and mellow atmosphere of clinic fetishism. Sanatorium 23 almost always plays electronic music and provides a platform for performances and other artistic events.

Finally, on Karl-Marx Allee 103, at the station Weberwiese, sits Café Ehrenburg, which merits a visit despite being totally engaged to the stalin-barroque style.