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Cibo... e dintorni


The best of "Italian way of life": food, wine, but even more, with conferences, exhibitions, cinema and tastings. This is "Cibo... e dintorni", the international fair of "made in Italy" which takes place at Palazzo Italia until next Monday.

The centrality of the food is indeed one of the topics of Italian culture, but its relevance has also a leading role in Western consumption practices. The UNESCO included recently the Mediterranean Diet in the " world heritage", for instance; and more and more people are becoming "foodies", conscious consumers who do not only love eating, but also buy beautiful products (design, crafts and handicrafts) and are mostly "culture consumers" or travellers in a conscious way.

To all of them, the fair is dedicated: between tastings and exhibitions (one of the must-see is “150 artisti per l'Unità di Italia”), you could spend your time looking at dance performance as well as taking place in one cooking performance. This kind of event (by Arabeschi di latte) may involve 35 people, last about 2 hours and take place twice a day. The participants will be involved in an interactive culinary workshops on a theme to be defined.

Besides, the Italian literature will have its own space: some young authors - novelists and historians - will present their books during a debate with the public and German journalists. There will be at least two events / drink with an Italian writer who presents to readers his book, discusses and signs copies.

Cibo... e dntorni

Palazzo Italia - Unter den Linden 10

from 12th to 19th December