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Carpeberlin's Hotel Charts



9€ - Friedrichshain – youth hostel in the style of the GDR

The Ostel is a youth hostel which has been kept entirely in the style of the GDR. Nearly all the objects in this hostel are from the old GDR and there is even the possibility of buying some products, like for example some chocolate. The hostel is very near to the Ostbahnhof station, 5 minutes from Alexanderplatz. You can rent bikes for free at the hostel, use the wireless internet and have breakfast at the nearby “Ossi-Hof” with the use of a voucher given to you by the hostel.  

Closest station: Ostbahnhof (S-bahn)

Hostel Ostel
Wriezener Karree 5
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Tel.: 0049 30 / 25 76 86 60
Fax: 0049 30 / 25 76 88 07
e-mail: contact(at)

All In Hostel

10€ - Friedrichshain – students and school groups

                                                                           The All In Hostel is the perfect place for large groups as much as independent travellers who like to party since it is only minutes away from the party scene. Wireless internet costs 2.50€/h, there is a big bar, a smokers’ room, a pool table, and wheel chair access. The bufet breakfasts costs  4€ per head and the stay for pets is 5€. 20 minutes to Alexanderplatz with the metro.

Nearest station: Frankfurter Tor (metro U5, tram M10)

All In Hostel
Grünberger Str. 54
10245 Berlin
Tel.: 0049 30 / 288 768 3
Fax.: 0049 30 / 288 768 58
e-mail: stay(at), info(at)

Hostel XBerger

12€ - Kreuzberg 36 – cheap, no luxury, but great for partygoers

The XBerger Hostel is the perfect place for anyone who likes to party, especially student and other groups, lone rangers or wheel-chair users. The cheaper rooms are in the dorms. The price goes up as the number of people decreases and the most expensive is the single room for 32€. The XBerger has a pool table, free wireless internet and a smokers’ room. On top of it, it is in one of the hipper areas of Kreuzberg, the Wrangelkiez. 12 minutes from Alexanderplatz by bus (stops right in front of the hostel).

Nearby stations: Schlesisches Tor (metro U1), Taborstr (bus 147)

Schlesische Str. 22;
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg;
Tel.: 0049 30 / 69 53 18 63;
Fax.: 0049 30 / 69 51 81 46

Hostelboot Eastern

12€ – Friedrichshain – a very special youth hostel

The Eastern Hostel is a boat-hostel in the middle of the Spree, on the other side of the “east-side-gallery” near the bridge Oberbaumbrücke. Wireless internet is free and smoking is allowed on the deck. The cheapest room goes for 16€, the rooms are singe bedrooms but each cabin has a bathroom. It is not a calm hotel but it is original and very close to the best beach bars in Berlin. The bufet breakfast costs 4€ with drinks included, and there is a bike rental service. 5 minutes from Alexanderplatz on the S-bahn.

Closest station: Warschauer Straße (metro U1, tram M10)

Eastern Comfort Hostelboat
Mühlenstr. 73 – 77
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Tel.: 0049 30 / 66 76 38 06
Fax: 0049 30 / 66 76 38 05
e-mail: captn(at)

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

13€ - Prenzlauer Berg – confortable y con jardín

The EastSeven Berlin Hostel is a small and cosy youth hostel in Prenzlauer Berg, a cool neighbourhood with many bars. Wireless connection to the internet is free and can be established from anywhere within the hostel. There is a comfortable living room, a garden with a barbeque, a self-catered kitchen, a bike rental and free guided tours. This hostel is for non-smokers and disabled-friendly. 2 minutes from Alexanderplatz by metro.  

Closest station: Senefelder Platz (metro U2)

EastSeven Berlin Hostel
Schwedter Strasse 7
10119 Berlin
Tel. 0049 30 / 936 222 40
Fax 0049 30 / 936 222 39

Die Fabrik (The Factory)

18€ - Kreuzberg – sleep in an old factory

Die Fabrik is a youth hostel where everyone is welcome, including big groups. There are a variety of workshops in the attic which can be rented through previous reservation. The hostel is in Kreuzberg 36 and is 15 minutes away from Alexanderplatz. Most of the bedrooms look onto the courtyard and are for this reason, quite quiet.

Nearby stations: Schlesisches Tor (metro U1), Taborstr. (Bus 147)

Die Fabrik
Schlesische Straße 18
10997 Berlin
Tel.: 0049 30 / 611 71 16
Fax: 0049 30 / 618 29 74
E-Mail: info(at)

Hotel Transit

21€ - Kreuzberg 61– students

The Hotel Transit is especially designed for an international student public and thereby also accomodates large groups. It’s in the middle of the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg 61, but looks onto the calmer inner courtyard. The breakfast is inlcuded as well as the price for pets. The stay for 21€ is only possible for dorms with more beds. It is not permitted to smoke in the bedrooms but you can smoke in the lobby. The hotel is not accessible to handicapped. 15 minutes from Alexanderplatz.

Nearest station: Mehringdamm (metro U7)

Hotel Transit
Hagelberger Str. 53-54
10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Tel.: 0049 30 / 78 90 47 0
Fax.: 0049 30 / 78 90 47 77
e-mail: info(at)

Hostel Generator

22 €- Prenzlauer Berg/Friedrichshain – students and youth

The Generator has specialised itself in a younger and more international public and has spaces designed for large group stays. The breakfast is included in the price. Showers are on the corridors and the single rooms with showers cost 62€. This hostel has a pool table, a bar, a computer room where you can smoke (Internet 3€/h), and a bike-rental service. It is accessible to wheel chairs. It takes 12 minutes to Alexanderplatz on the tram.

Nearest station: Landsberger Allee (tram M5,6; Ring S-bahn 41, 42)

Storkower Str. 160
10407 Berlin Friedrichshain
Tel.: 0049 30 / 41 72 40 0
Fax.: 0049 30 / 41 72 40 80
e-mail: hello(at)

Hotel Quentin

39€ - Wilmersdorf – international clientele

The Quentin is on a calm, side street from Kurfürstendamm and offers lodging for big groups. There is free internet in the lobby. The bufet breakfast costs 7.50 € per head. Pets are not allowed. The hotel has handicap access, the nearest station is 300 metres from the hotel and it takes 20 minutes to get to Alexanderplatz.

Nearest station: Adenauer Platz

Hotel Quentin
Xantener Str. 4
10 707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Tel.: 0049 30 / 343 52 60
Fax.: 0049 30 / 343 52 68

Hotel*** AGON Lichtburg

49€ - Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf – for an older generation

The Lichtburg is also in a nearby street to Kurfürstendamm and the lodging can be made possible for big groups as well, although “too much youth in this hotel is not desired”. The price includes a bufet breakfast. The internet connection is rather expensive (8€/h). Pets are allowed for an extra cost between 10€ y 20€. There is a smokers’ room, the house is designed for handicapped, and it takes 25minutes to Alexanderplatz.

Nearby stations: Adenauer Platz and Konstanzer Str.

Hotel*** AGON

Lichtburg-Paderborner Str. 10
10709 Berlin Charlottenburg
Tel.: 0049 30 / 89 02 940
Fax.: 0049 30 / 89 26 106
e-mail: info(at)

Aenz City Hotel GmbH

49€ - Wilmersdorf – for a cozy atmosphere in the West of Berlin

The Aenz City Hotel is on a quiet street right next to Kurfürstendamm. It is not particularly frequented by young people nor is it in a party area. It is a good place to go for a simple, pure weekend. Pets are allowed and dogs cost extra. Breakfast is included and smoking is permitted only in the bedrooms, which are not handicap-friendly. It takes 20 minutes from Ku’damm to Alexanderplatz.

Nearest station: Adenauer Platz

Aenz City Hotel
Xantener Str. 8
10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Tel.: 0049 30 / 88 91 79 24
Fax.: 0049 30 / 88 91 79 25
e-mail.: aenzcityhotel(at)

Hotel*** Klassik

55€ - Friedrichshain – between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

The Hotel Klassik is in the heart of Friedrichshain, on the border with Kreuzberg, a stone-throw away from an infinite number of bars, cafés and clubs, and only a few stops from Alexanderplatz. The hotel is for non-smokers and has wireless connection to the internet from the bedrooms, the restaurant and the bar. It is also designed for handicapped people. Breakfast is included.

Nearest station: Warschauer Straße (metro U1, tram M10)

Hotel Klassik Berlin
Revaler Str. 6
10245 Berlin
Tel.: 0049 30 / 31 98 86 0
Fax.: 0049 30 / 31 98 86 199
e-mail: info(at)